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12/7/2012 (Friday, 12:26 PM):
Just like you can tell how old a tree is by counting its rings, you can tell how well I'm feeling by how much sushi I'm having for lunch.
Poetry: If I Was President For A Day

12/7/2012 (Friday, 12:10 PM):
Anyone up for Sonata Arctica on Sunday at Empire?
Poetry: If I Was President For A Day

12/7/2008 (Sunday, 07:21 PM):
Full from yummy Indian food after getting back from New Jersey.

12/7/2005 (Wednesday, 10:36 AM):
I need to go on a diet. Can anyone recommend anything good for me to do? I want something where most of the meals are easy to make, where I don't have to do a lot of cooking. Plus, I want things that won't spoil in a day or two if I don't eat them.

12/7/2000 (Thursday):
Poetry: Fallen

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