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12/8/2014 (Monday, 07:02 PM):
I get not wanting to go to a potluck because you don't know where the food's been, but you kill your own point when you decide to bring in Popeye's.

12/8/2013 (Sunday, 05:14 PM):
RIP Dimebag - 2004

12/8/2012 (Saturday, 11:44 PM):
Arlington needs more speakeasy bars. Or maybe just better DJs. Hit up Clarendon Ballroom, Lyon Hall, and Mister Days. Good times.

12/8/2009 (Tuesday, 08:35 PM):
I know there's a lot of dislikes surrounding the new 30 Seconds To Mars album, but it's starting to grow on me already.
Top Ten: This Is War by 30 Seconds To Mars


12/8/2008 (Monday, 03:27 PM):
Had a great weekend in New Jersey visiting Sam. We hung out in Philly at Blue Martini, and met up with my cousin Adam at his apartment too. Got to finally meet up with my friend Crista. Fun!

12/8/2007 (Saturday, 03:49 PM):
My ripdrive died today. It was never a very practical device, but it did hold up for the most part over the last three years or so that I've had it as a 40 gig hard drive.

12/8/2005 (Thursday, 12:30 PM):
So tired! Karate class was great last night. I was mostly Nick's partner. Tammy paired off with Ruby since Ruby was taking care of her daughter. It was great. We did kata, then grabbing techniques, and sparring.

12/8/2004 (Wednesday, 03:48 PM):
I've been listening to Radio Paradise all day today and man, it's such a good station! I love it!

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