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12/10/2017 (Sunday, 02:45 PM):
Ugh hangover day. But when your awesome neighbors throw an open bar holiday party one floor away, why not?

12/10/2013 (Tuesday, 08:46 AM):
Snow day today!

12/10/2012 (Monday, 08:42 PM):
After yoga, I almost got hit by an oncoming van, but I wasn't out of it enough to notice a pricing mistake at the pho place in my neighborhood - their takeout menu says 9.50 for small pho seafood and 9.00 for a large.

12/10/2011 (Saturday, 07:14 PM):
Awesome day in Annapolis with Nick and everyone. So much fun!

12/10/2007 (Monday, 10:51 AM):
We watched 1408 this weekend since it was due back soon. It was an okay movie. It kept building and building in the beginning and then kinda fell apart.

12/10/2006 (Sunday, 04:36 PM):
We saw Apocalypto last night. I hated it. It was far too much so I actually walked out.

12/10/2005 (Saturday, 04:51 AM):
Clubbing this weekend included: Dragonfly, Ozios, and Five. So much fun hanging out with Sam, and his friends Ceasar and Carrie!

12/10/2003 (Wednesday, 07:30 AM):
Yellowcard tonight!! Yeah!! Happy birthday to Kim!!
Concerts: Yellowcard at 930 Club

12/10/2002 (Tuesday, 08:45 PM):
You are the enemy, of all the world's debates.
Poetry: To The House

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