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12/23/2023 (Saturday, 05:37 PM, World Around Me):
Fireworks again!


12/23/2021 (Thursday, 06:17 PM):
Hooray for another RASA delivery!


12/23/2018 (Sunday, 11:35 PM):
Saw Fahrenheit 11-9 and Venom from a Redbox trip. Not sure which movie had more bloodsucking aliens featured in it! Also had a nice lunch with Nick at Kovi today!

12/23/2017 (Saturday, 02:03 PM):
Who wants to lick out my bowl?!


12/23/2015 (Wednesday, 11:19 PM):
A perfect space in the perfect place.
Poetry: A Perfect Space

12/23/2014 (Tuesday, 10:21 PM):
Get to the point and keep it clear and simple. Thanks, Chinese food.

12/23/2012 (Sunday, 06:47 PM):
For the holidays: a Local H Rush cover, a rare Melissa Auf Der Maur track, a Client bootleg from 2005, and two tracks from Soundgarden on Letterman. I'm liking all these free downloads this holiday season!

12/23/2011 (Friday, 02:07 PM):
Surgery went well, even though they kept pulling my leg!

12/23/2009 (Wednesday, 06:21 PM):
What the hell do I need all that crap I left in storage for!

12/23/2008 (Tuesday, 11:01 PM):
Just about ready for a trip to NYC. This time tomorrow. How do you like that big apple?!

12/23/2007 (Sunday, 03:11 PM):
Totally thinking of taking a shower and a shave before seeing Sweeney Todd. Now it's just a shower.

12/23/2005 (Friday, 12:38 AM):
1 Cowon iAudio A2 30GB Portable Multimedia Player Retail bought @ $409.99. Yay!!!

12/23/2004 (Thursday, 01:56 PM):
My fortune cookie's fortune today? Avoid senseless contradictions with others.

12/23/2002 (Monday, 01:25 PM):
Not one day to hell was ever bought.
Poetry: Sleeping Beauty

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