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2/12/2018 (Monday, 10:49 PM):
Chloe Kim's halfpipe run was amazing to watch live! 98, wow!!

2/12/2014 (Wednesday, 04:20 PM):
Lego movie was disappointing. I should have known better.

2/12/2013 (Tuesday, 08:59 AM):
Power, always fight the power.
Poetry: Powerless

2/12/2011 (Saturday, 01:29 PM):
Let's go back in for another five minutes...

2/12/2009 (Thursday, 10:28 AM):
Gym class was good, we did an arms class with bodyguards and I toughed it out with a 12 pounder. I decided to finally try Church St Pizzeria, which is right across from my gym and I've been wanting to try it for a while now. Yum!!

2/12/2008 (Tuesday, 09:12 AM):
I voted today!

2/12/2006 (Sunday, 03:05 PM):
I had to wear my ski boots outside there was so much snow!! It was NUTS. We got almost two feet, between 12-14 inches or so!! I'm very thankful the neighbors lent me their shovel.

2/12/2004 (Thursday, 11:23 AM):
I went to the dentist this morning. It was easy enough to find. My gums bled soooo much though! The dentist was really nice but didn't want to do more than just scrape off the plaque on my teeth, due to to the amount that my gums bled. Yuck!

2/12/2001 (Monday, 08:48 PM, Spain And More):
Class was okay today. Nothing exciting. I got more information on the school's trip to Rome. That sounds like it's going to be so much fun! I had dinner and fell asleep watching the movie Antz on my laptop.
Diaries: Day 35

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