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2/13/2019 (Wednesday, 10:45 AM):
Bought my Imogen Heap ticket for her show in May at the Lincoln Theater after all! Wohoo!

2/13/2018 (Tuesday, 02:11 PM, Food):
Office Olympics was so much fun today! Who knew?!


2/13/2012 (Monday, 03:20 AM):
Local H is coming out with a new DVD! YAY!

2/13/2011 (Sunday, 04:46 PM):
Housemates are jammin to Hotel California. It's times like these I really like being able to just crack my door open to hear live music! Last day before I'm thrust back into the corporate world!

2/13/2009 (Friday, 01:40 PM):
I finally got the evite from Cesar and Carrie's anti-Valentine's day party that my buddy Sam put in a good word for me. It sounds like fun!

2/13/2006 (Monday, 10:46 AM):
My boss asked me what happened and why I was late this morning. It wasn't even ten minutes past eight!!

2/13/2005 (Sunday, 04:33 PM):
My parents bought a home! It hasn't been built yet but they'll be living in Clinton, MA! Been watching Desperate Housewives this weekend, up through episode 7, and I'm really liking it!

2/13/2004 (Friday, 05:53 PM):
My parents are coming in tonight and I'm picking them up at Union Station. They're shuttling from BWI airport since I won't touch traffic on 495 on a Friday night, and on a holiday weekend too! So yeah.

2/13/2001 (Tuesday, 10:44 PM, Spain And More):
Today I had my Spanish Cultural Studies and Sociology class and in between classes and lunch I went to a coffee shop with Alex. Then I had Hispanic Cinema. I went to karate class came back and had dinner. That was pretty much it.
Diaries: Day 36

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