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Valentines Day
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2/14/2018 (Wednesday, 11:32 PM):
If ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size) exist does that make Andres the Giant a MOUS (Man of Unusual Size) ?

2/14/2016 (Sunday, 08:33 PM):
I don't mind snow. I don't mind rain. I just hate hate hate ice.

2/14/2014 (Friday, 06:07 PM):
Why can't recruiters start with the important stuff instead of every other worthless detail?!

2/14/2014 (Friday, 04:46 PM):
Excited to see the Princess Bride with Roxanne tonight!

2/14/2014 (Friday, 04:42 PM):
Seeing the Toasters at Blue Fox Billiards in Winchester will be Roxanne's first show and my 5th time seeing them! Can't wait!!

2/14/2013 (Thursday, 09:22 PM):
It's an INXS kind of night!

2/14/2013 (Thursday, 07:09 AM):
KMFDM and Legion Within. Ticket bought! Yay!!

2/14/2012 (Tuesday, 08:27 AM):
At my doctor's for Valentine's Day. They love me for my copay!

2/14/2011 (Monday, 08:39 PM):
Facebook should have changed LIKE to LOVE today.

2/14/2009 (Saturday, 06:21 PM):
So it wasn't the right scene for that kind of thing and we were all there for the drum n bass set instead so we took an hour drive or so in Toshi's car and listened to his Russian drum n bass CDs. That was pretty fun! What a great group!

2/14/2007 (Wednesday, 09:44 AM):
I made it into work! And it's not even 10!

2/14/2005 (Monday, 12:24 PM):
We trekked into DC to go to Afterwords & Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle. We met there three years and a month ago on January 13, 2002. Happy Valentine's Day!

2/14/2003 (Friday, 08:17 AM):
Those priorities when your overnight bag is basically your laptop case!

2/14/2001 (Wednesday, 11:49 PM, Spain And More):
Today was St Valentine's Day. I sent emails to all the girls on my contacts! Then I had Computer Science and Microeconomics. After lunch I went back to school to work on a Computer Science program. Lola took me and my housemates out for churros. Yum!
Diaries: Day 37

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