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3/2/2019 (Saturday, 09:14 AM, Sake And Friends):
Just another morning hanging out with Sake!


3/2/2018 (Friday, 05:50 PM, Sake And Friends):
High winds my ass. If I can feel them, they must not be very high at all.
Top Ten: Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt by Moby
Top Ten: A Still Heart by The Naked And Famous


3/2/2017 (Thursday, 05:10 PM):
A super fun Awards day at Dave & Busters at work!

3/2/2016 (Wednesday, 11:26 AM):
Baltimore fire crews responded to a fire early Wednesday at the Book Thing. Oh no!


3/2/2015 (Monday, 08:35 AM, World Around Me):
My obligatory ice pic contribution of the day.


3/2/2014 (Sunday, 11:19 AM):
It ain't official until Yechon closes.

3/2/2012 (Friday, 01:33 PM):
I want the same as you.
Poetry: Same As You

3/2/2011 (Wednesday, 06:58 PM):
Really antsy from not having worked out this week but my knee is a lot better, still working on getting rid of that cough though yuck!

3/2/2009 (Monday, 07:26 AM):
Snow, OMG, snow!

3/2/2008 (Sunday, 07:16 AM):
So glad that the HD TV has the right cord now! Hooray!

3/2/2007 (Friday, 10:36 PM):
Relient K is having a new album come out on the 6th of March. I'm listening to it now. Mmhmm is one of my all time favorite punk albums and this one is really good too.

3/2/2006 (Thursday, 10:22 AM):
The release date of Kemopetrol's 4th album is getting closer! The first single Planet will be released in Finland March 8th. The album Teleport is due March 29th.

3/2/2005 (Wednesday, 10:15 PM):
Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. All the world is waiting for the sun. - Breaking Benjamin
Concerts: Breaking Benjamin at 930 Club


3/2/2002 (Saturday, 11:35 PM):
This will be the greatest March 2nd of your life! - Great Big Sea
Concerts: Great Big Sea at 930 Club


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