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3/25/2023 (Saturday, 12:22 PM):
Pho for the win!


3/25/2022 (Friday, 11:26 PM):
First Placebo album in 7 years! Cool!
Top Ten: Never Let Me Go by Placebo


3/25/2020 (Wednesday, 07:19 PM, Food):
Yay for kimchi and beef for dinner tonight! Wohoo!


3/25/2016 (Friday, 09:53 PM, Cherry Blossoms):
Nighttime blossom hunting, oh my!


3/25/2013 (Monday, 08:16 PM):
The Corner Store Heroes reunion show is going to be a great, super small gig. Really looking forward to this one!

3/25/2012 (Sunday, 10:36 PM):
Enjoyed playing Clue this weekend, the trip to DC, and watching over Zac and Trevor. Fun times!

3/25/2011 (Friday, 06:26 PM):
If you can't make time stand still it's a waste of time.
Poetry: Hourglass

3/25/2002 (Monday, 10:37 AM):
Original Pirate Material, you're listening to The Streets!
Top Ten: Original Pirate Material by The Streets


3/25/2001 (Sunday, 11:31 PM):
Today I went to Retiro Park with Daryl to go rollerblading but it started to rain. Daryl came over to hang out for a bit. My family here is pretty strict about friends coming over. It kind of stinks. Looking forward to Prague!
Diaries: Day 76

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