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2002 was all about DC Sessions free concert series in Washington DC where I got to see Splender, Lloyd Dobler Effect, and Maroon 5 for the first time. Atmosphere at The Black Cat for my birthday with friends from college was fun. Mighty Mighty Boss Tones at the 9:30 Club was legendary too.
2002 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Local H
1. Local H - Here Comes The Zoo (3/5/2002)
Scott and Brian's first album together. One of the best rock albums ever! Not a bad song anywhere. Amazing.

Google The Music
2. The Music - The Music (9/2/2002)
So lucky to have seen The Music live. What an amazing band they were! Too High might be my favorite track on their debut.

Google Bjork
3. Bjork - Greatest Hits (11/4/2002)
Probably a pretty good time for Bjork to release a Greatest Hits album. Her follow ups haven't been as good unfortunately.

Google Sneaker Pimps
4. Sneaker Pimps - Bloodsport (1/22/2002)
I've listened to this album so much. It's that amazing!!

Google Just Jack
5. Just Jack - The Outer Marker (9/30/2002)
I really wish Jack would tour North America some day so I could see him. He's awesome and this is a really great album. I first heard Snowflakes, The Cure remix, on late night radio in my car once, and loved it! The rest was history.

Google Moby
6. Moby - 18 (5/2/2002)
Extreme Ways and We Are All Made Of Stars are my favorites on this album. Moby is great!

Google Atmosphere
7. Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly (6/11/2002)
Saves The Day and Vampires are my favorites on this album. Always a fan of Slug and Atmosphere.

Google Kemopetrol
8. Kemopetrol - Everythings Fine (5/6/2002)
Always a huge fan of Laura and Kemopetrol. Makes me want to visit Finland!

Google Maroon 5
9. Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane (6/25/2002)
I first saw Adam and Maroon 5 at a free show in the middle of DC around this time and checked out the album before She Will Be Loved got huge. Will always be a great album. Too bad the others that followed weren't as great.

Google 30 Seconds To Mars
10. 30 Seconds To Mars - Welcome To The Universe (8/27/2002)
The best album by Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds To Mars. Every song is amazing.

Google DJ Shadow
1. DJ Shadow - The Private Press (6/4/2002)
Much respect to DJ Shadow for always keeping things interesting but this album fell a bit short. Six Days is a great track, though!

Google Weezer
2. Weezer - Maladroit (5/14/2002)
Dope Nose and Keep Fishin are my favorites on this album.

Google Trik Turner
3. Trik Turner - Trik Turner (2/26/2002)
Friends and family, what more could anyone want?

Google Trapt
4. Trapt - Trapt (11/5/2002)
Headstrong was everywhere in 2002.

Google The Transplants
5. The Transplants - The Transplants (10/22/2002)
Travis Barker's other band. Diamond And Guns was really popular upon its release.

Google Theory Of A Deadman
6. Theory Of A Deadman - Theory Of A Deadman (9/17/2002)
Saw them on tour with Breaking Benjamin once around this time and thought they were a little too much like Nickelback, but liked them enough to pick up this album and the ones after this too. Not bad!

Google The Streets
7. The Streets - Original Pirate Material (3/25/2002)
I first heard of The Streets in a Tower Records store in DC and really liked them so I picked it up then and there. Bought every album since. The first is the best, but they've come out with some good contenders after too. Cool that Mike Skinner is friends with Rob Harvey of The Music. Has It Come To This and Let's Push Things Forward are my favorites.

Google Splender
8. Splender - To Whom It May Concern (8/20/2002)
I'm just Happier This Way listening to Splender, all these years later. Then and now. But, Anyway…

Google Northern State
9. Northern State - Dying In Stereo (6/3/2002)
A rather fun trio of hip hop party ladies. Nothing wrong with that!

Google Seven Nations
10. Seven Nations - And Now Its Come To This (6/25/2002)
I could have seen them once but decided not to. A straight-up rock album is always a good thing though.

Google Ra
11. Ra - From One (10/22/2002)
Do You Call My Name, Rectifier, Fallen Rock Zone are all great songs but my favorite is Walking And Thinking. That song always gets me.

Google Audioslave
12. Audioslave - Audioslave (11/19/2002)
The supergroup of Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell. It ended up being just OK in my opinion, but better than anything else they did as a follow-up.

Google Dirty Vegas
13. Dirty Vegas - Dirty Vegas (6/4/2002)
I'm a huge fan of this album and the song Days Go By (and its video) is great too. I also like the Pink Floyd cuts thrown in there too.

Google Red Hot Chili Peppers
14. Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way (6/9/2002)
Upon its release, the song By The Way sounded like more than one song in a bunch of different parts, but still came together as one.

Google Blue Six
15. Blue Six - Beautiful Tomorrow (1/22/2002)
Lounge music at its finest. Let's Do It Together!

Google Frou Frou
16. Frou Frou - Details (6/4/2002)
Let Go is such a great song.


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