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3/24/2024 (Sunday, 12:05 PM, Cherry Blossoms):
Cherry blossoms in Arlington oh my!!


3/24/2021 (Wednesday, 08:56 AM):
Dessert from Stracci's for breakfast, yummy!


3/24/2020 (Tuesday, 06:40 PM, Covid Livestreams):
Had fun watching Rachel Sermanni do a few songs on her livestream today.


3/24/2016 (Thursday, 08:35 PM):


3/24/2015 (Tuesday, 08:17 AM):
Striking Matches hooray!!
Top Ten: Nothing But The Silence by Striking Matches


3/24/2010 (Wednesday, 09:26 PM):
Gym was good tonight. About time I got back into bosu and boxing!

3/24/2009 (Tuesday, 07:53 PM):
Beat from bosu and boxing but at least that cold is gone.
Poetry: I Started
Top Ten: Approaching Normal by Blue October


3/24/2007 (Saturday, 10:32 AM):
After four and half years together, we have decided to part ways. We gave Adelyn a great run. Despite the split, we still love and wish nothing but the best for each other in the future.

3/24/2004 (Wednesday, 09:37 PM):
Get it Now finally added Lode Runner to their catalog, quite possibly the best game EVER. Even better now that I've got it on my phone!
Top Ten: Play For Me by Kemopetrol


3/24/2003 (Monday, 10:25 AM):
Tickets for the Maroon 5 and Matchbox 20 show at the MCI Center are going on sale 3/29. The date of the show is 5/16!

3/24/2002 (Sunday, 09:13 AM):
I've sat here before, in this very chair, on this very floor.
Poetry: Scratch And Sniff

3/24/2001 (Saturday, 09:29 PM):
Jocelyn said she would head out with us tonight and she invited her friend Tara too! We met up with Daryl at his place to go out to some bars in Bilbao. Oh and I finally got the Prague tickets today so yay!
Diaries: Day 75


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