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2015 was a pretty decent year for music this year. Let's see. Highlights include the new Elvy CD (a The National side project), My Black Light (amazing sophomore album) and a new band, Striking Matches who I would have seen had it not been for class getting in the way! D'oh! In 2015, though, I did get to meet an idol of mine - Kevin Martin from Candlebox, that was really cool. I also got to meet Meagan Grindall, aka Lemolo, who I had been trying to see live for a while. So a few shows here and there that were really cool, like getting to see Lost Lander at DC9, Weird Al at Wolf Trap, and even Buena Vista Social Club on their farewell tour. It was sad to hear about losing Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, RIP, amazing as it was how long he lasted alive. Well, now onto my top 10!
2015 TOP 10 ALBUMS
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1. Elvy - Return To The Moon (10/30/2015)
Luckily, I got to see Elvy live on their latest tour coming through DC at the 9:30 Club. Return To The Moon is a great album, songs Return To The Moon, Paul Is Alive, and Happiness Missouri really stand out. It's no wonder I'm a huge fan of Matt Berninger since I also love The National so much.

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2. My Black Light - A New Chance (4/30/2015)
A New Chance totally blew me away! I was expecting a great album, but nothing quite like this! Wow! Every song is awesome, and Monica and the band really come into their own. Definitely check out Fuck You Fate and anything here is great, just really great.

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3. Striking Matches - Nothing But The Silence (3/24/2015)
Striking Matches is one of the best new bands I've heard in a long, long time. Sarah Zimmerman and Justin Davis make an amazing duo, they have a brilliant sound together. From Trouble Is As Trouble Does to Make A Liar Out Of Me, and Never Gonna Love Again, every song is sure to be a huge hit. What an album!

Google Local H
4. Local H - Hey, Killer (4/14/2015)
Being that Local H is one of my favorite bands ever (and I've seen them a lot live), it should come as no surprise that I had huge expectations for Hey, Killer especially with a new drummer in their lineup. Though I miss Brian St Clair deeply, it is great to have Ryan back with Scott. What an album! Freshly Fucked is a brilliant song, and One Of Us should not be underestimated. Looks like Scott's Moscow incident didn't hinder this album one bit after all! Yay!

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5. The Foals - What Went Down (8/28/2015)
The Foals are one of those bands who can never do any wrong, all their songs and their sound is that tight. This album blew me away. Mountain At My Gates, Albatross, and Give It All are just a few of my favorites. Well done!

Google Guy Garvey
6. Guy Garvey - Courting The Squall (10/30/2015)
I had high expectations being a huge Elbow fan. This album didn't disappoint in the slightest! Check out Angela's Eyes and Electricity, too.

Google Rachel Sermanni
7. Rachel Sermanni - Tied To The Moon (7/10/2015)
It's hard to rank some of these appropriately, they're just that good! This album is no exception. I particularly like Old Ladies Lament, but they're all good. Probably my favorite Scottish singer.

Google Lost Lander
8. Lost Lander - Medallion (2/24/2015)
I had high hopes for Lost Lander after their amazing debut DRRT. This didn't disappoint in the slightest! Every song is amazing especially Feed The Fever. Pretty cool to see them at DC9 as well! Both of their albums are great!

Google Luciferian Light Orchestra
9. Luciferian Light Orchestra - Luciferian Light Orchestra (4/30/2015)
This album is all about the songs that Johnsson wrote over the years but thought they were too retro sounding for Therion. Damn, they're still good, though!

Google Lemolo
10. Lemolo - Red Right Return (11/10/2015)
Movers And Shakers was perhaps the best song on this album. It wasn't the best, but still nice to see Megan and Lemolo release a new CD. Still, though, I'm more partial to their first disc Kaleidoscope.

Google Lucy Rose
1. Lucy Rose - Work It Out (7/3/2015)
Work It Out was just an okay album for me. I liked her other one better.

Google Roisin Murphy
2. Roisin Murphy - Hairless Toys (5/8/2015)
I'm a huge Moloko and Roisin Murphy fan, but Hairless Toys was just okay. Not Top Ten material this time around, but still good.

Google Little Boots
3. Little Boots - Working Girl (7/10/2015)
Although I'm a huge fan of Victoria Heseketh (also known as Little Boots), Working Girl fell short for me. It did, however, lead me to make a great mix of her first three albums, which I enjoy a lot more than any one of her albums alone (although her debut is still my favorite).

Google Faith No More
4. Faith No More - Sol Invictus (5/19/2015)
This album was a bit of a disappointment for me, but then again I'm really only a fan of their The Real Thing album. Oh well.

Google Chemical Brothers
5. Chemical Brothers - Born In The Echoes (7/17/2015)
This album was just more of the same.

Google Breaking Benjamin
6. Breaking Benjamin - Dark Before Dawn (6/23/2015)
I was probably most surprised and disappointed by how much this album sucks! It really turned me off the band. But, I still like their older albums, from before the lineup changed. I hope it's just because Ben wrote most of the songs before he found the new band. I hope! Failure and Ashes Of Eden are my favorites (I wish the whole album was more like Ashes Of Eden) but, sadly, it's just corporate trash now. Damn did this band sell out fast!

Google Melody Gardot
7. Melody Gardot - Currency Of Man (6/1/2015)
I love everything Melody Gardot does but Same To You must be my favorite track on this album. All of her releases are just as amazing!

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8. Jamie Woon - Making Time (11/6/2015)
Jamie Woon reminds me of a young undiscovered Michael Jackson. His first album was better, but this one is still quite good! Is it written on my back?


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