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4/17/2017 (Monday, 07:41 PM):
Dreamcar sounds like what would happen if a producer kidnapped AFI and made them do indie albums!

4/17/2016 (Sunday, 07:25 PM, Old Town Alexandria):
A stroll through Old Town.


4/17/2014 (Thursday, 06:24 AM, Skys The Limit):
Awesome sunrise today!


4/17/2013 (Wednesday, 12:31 PM, Food):
Saying goodbye to my favorite Italian place, The New Toscana Grill, damn it's so good!!


4/17/2012 (Tuesday):
Can't wait to check out that new TFK album!!
Top Ten: The End Is Where We Begin by Thousand Foot Krutch


4/17/2011 (Sunday, 08:34 PM):
Had so much fun today between yoga with Zeena and dancing by the Washington Monument! What an amazing time!

4/17/2011 (Sunday, 03:31 AM):
Gave a random girl some french fries at a diner at 3 AM and was called a true gentleman!

4/17/2009 (Friday, 11:17 PM):
Chuck is definitely a nice way to relax!

4/17/2008 (Thursday, 11:59 AM):
Amphoras now puts peas in their veggie lasagna. If I wanted gross food I'd have just gone to my parents for Passover early!

4/17/2007 (Tuesday, 12:37 PM):
So sad about the VT tragedy. Never Forget.
Top Ten: Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails


4/17/2006 (Monday, 04:57 PM):
Today was way busy, but my monthly report is now 98% done and formatted to Al's (and mine) new Intranet project for our company. It looks sweet and it's interactive.

4/17/2005 (Sunday, 06:32 AM):
Allen said he wanted to see Sin City, or that he wouldn't mind again. So I agreed, since I was curious about that movie, too. It reminded me of Tracer Bullet from Calvin And Hobbes or that Evanescence video for their song Falling. Eh!

4/17/2004 (Saturday, 02:11 PM):
Sugar Ray tonight!!
Concerts: Sugar Ray at 930 Club


4/17/2003 (Thursday, 10:27 AM):
Yesterday after work I caught the T-REX IMAX over at the Natural History Museum on the Mall. It was okay.

4/17/2002 (Wednesday, 07:28 PM):
Carpe Diem is a phrase I tend to live by. Of course, that doesn't mean I slack off and just become a bum.

4/17/2000 (Monday, 05:13 PM):
The Violent Femmes tonight!! I hope they play Color Me Once!
Concerts: Violent Femmes at 930 Club


4/17/1998 (Friday):
Poetry: Drawn Swords

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