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4/18/2024 (Thursday, 07:08 PM, Friends):
Korean bbq with Jenny too! What a fun week!


4/18/2021 (Sunday, 11:34 PM, Covid Livestreams):
The London Grammar livestream for their new California Soil album was so great I watched it twice! Once when it aired then I noticed it still online so watched it properly on my screen projector. I especially loved the solo in I Need The Night! Cool!!


4/18/2016 (Monday, 11:12 PM):
Tried Comcast Xfinity and hated it!! Still on the search for a local ISP!

4/18/2015 (Saturday, 10:19 PM, Skys The Limit):
I really like this pic I took.


4/18/2014 (Friday, 06:13 PM):
Tomorrow! Local H at DC9!

4/18/2013 (Thursday, 08:41 PM):
Last day at Health Net tomorrow! It's been a fun two years.

4/18/2012 (Wednesday, 01:03 PM):
A random guy yelled at me yesterday for almost backing my car up into the guy behind me. Same guy is at lunch today!

4/18/2011 (Monday, 09:04 PM):
It's Passover and I immediately have bread when I get home. What can I say, two hours of intense bodypump and kickboxing will do that to me!
Top Ten: Mirrorwriting by Jamie Woon


4/18/2010 (Sunday, 07:14 PM):
Had a great time at the baseball game with Katina and Courteney!

4/18/2007 (Wednesday, 10:38 PM):
Going to see Great Big Sea at the Warner Theater on Friday!

4/18/2004 (Sunday, 10:00 PM):
I picked up my Mom to take her to Games Day with me at Common Grounds. That was a lot of fun!!

4/18/2003 (Friday, 09:45 AM):
Last night I talked to my buddy Ryan who's gonna come out to Local H with me, Erin, and Katie. Yahoo! He's graduating from AU on Father's Day weekend!
Concerts: Local H at Black Cat
Poetry: Fiery Eyes


4/18/2002 (Thursday, 11:55 PM):
Local H at the Black Cat, one of the best concerts EVER! Even despite having to walk home, haha!
Concerts: Local H at Black Cat


4/18/2001 (Wednesday, 10:22 PM):
It started raining so I continued my Futurama marathon today! I was lucky to get my clothes inside before the heavier rain started. I went to the Internet cafe again and hung out there and got another CD burnt as well. I also called Sam too!
Diaries: Day 100

4/18/2000 (Tuesday, 09:02 PM):
The keys tap complimentary, in contemplation, and in completion.
Poetry: Mousetrap

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