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The highlight for me this year was getting to see The Pietasters perform their first album in its entirety at The State Theater. That event was so much fun and I even made a few friends out of it, too! Then, I got to see The Dreaming at Jammin Java, Vast at The State Theater, Santigold at the 9:30 Club, Tool at the Patriot Center, and a week after Tool, Elbow at the 9:30 Club! Tool was a bucket-list band for me so that was extra special. Virgin Mobile Free Fest was great this year with Weezer and Blink 182 headlining, Weezer and Franz Ferdinand were highlights for me from that day! This year also included a trip to Atlanta to visit an old college friend and we went to a festival there that included Rusted Root and Guster - fun times! Then, later this year, I saw an old friend from way back play in his band Haywood Yards in Chicago. To top it all off, Imogen Heap put on an amazing show at the 6th and I Synagogue. Wow!
2009 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Fever Ray
1. Fever Ray - Fever Ray (1/12/2009)
I've had the new Fever Ray album on my phone for a few months now and every so often I'll play it when I'm getting ready for work. It's got so many levels to each song. Of course, I loved The Knife's Silent Shout, so it really goes without saying that I like Fever Ray. I'm bummed I missed seeing Fever Ray live, but it was either Chicago or NYC and I ended up going to Chicago later that same month instead to see friends there. Although I still had a great weekend in Chicago, I'll always have this album!

Google Brand New
2. Brand New - Daisy (9/22/2009)
I had high expectations for this album and it matched each and every one. After a long day of work, I pop it in on my commute home. Daisy, the title track, may be the best song, but I love everything on it, from the introduction to the very end. This album reminds me a lot of the Ultra Dolphins, but perhaps more commercial.

Google Regina Spektor
3. Regina Spektor - Far (6/23/2009)
Although I did have some hope that this would be better than her last album, I was still surprised how good it is! In her last album before Far, she just wasn't as quirky or comfortable as I'd hoped. In Far, she exceeds at every level. Every song is great.

Google Them Crooked Vultures
4. Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (11/17/2009)
This album really surprised me, too! I wasn't sure what to expect with such an epic lineup of musicians. Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, and Led Zeppelin are all represented here as the band consists of Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones. I generally hate the Foo Fighters, but it's great to see Grohl back on here, and they all sound really tight! It's a great album, even if it does take more than one listen to really get into!

Google Imogen Heap
5. Imogen Heap - Ellipse (8/24/2009)
I was lucky enough to catch Imogen Heap on tour at the 6th and I Synagogue in Washington, DC, and it was an amazing night. I'm a big fan of her song Hide And Seek. It was awesome to see her live. This album is also top notch, but still, I'm not a fan of her Three Little Birds song. Canvas, however, is my pick.

Google Utada Hikaru
6. Utada Hikaru - This Is The One (3/13/2009)
This is a fun CD to listen to on warm summer days in my car. A bit different when compared to her album Exodus, but it is nice to hear her singing in English and not just Japanese again!

Google Vast
7. Vast - Me And You (5/26/2009)
I've been lucky to see Vast at least four times already and I even got to meet Jon Crosby! Me And You is a compilation of the best tracks from Jon's Generica sessions. What a great album!

Google Thousand Foot Krutch
8. Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome To The Masquerade (9/8/2009)
This is pretty good but falls short rather quickly. I still like it, though.

Google Breaking Benjamin
9. Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony (9/29/2009)
Dear Agony remains in my car and I still enjoy it even after having listened to it countless times. I know Breaking Benjamin is compared to Three Days Grace and Nickelback a lot, and although they are even currently on tour with Nickelback and Seether, I still enjoy this album. It's what you come to expect. No more, no less.

Google Client
10. Client - Command (3/4/2009)
Command has a few good tracks on it, like Petrol. I still love these ladies for their beats, style, and fashion. I've followed their past two albums and those are great as well.

Google Blue October
1. Blue October - Approaching Normal (3/24/2009)
I was expecting more. Say it!

Google AFI
2. AFI - CrashLove (9/29/2009)
Worst album of the year! WTF?

Google Moby
3. Moby - Wait For Me (6/26/2009)
it was good to see Moby getting back into what he wants to do and to make a record only for him. Definitely a departure from his last album!

Google Alice In Chains
4. Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue (9/29/2009)
I miss Layne. It's still a good album, though, despite the new guy looking nothing like him. It kinda throws off the whole Alice In Chains I thought I knew so well!

Google Chemical Brothers
5. Chemical Brothers - Divided By Night (5/12/2009)
Really raunchy material about as serious as they come.

Google Peaches
6. Peaches - I Feel Cream (4/30/2009)
Not bad. I enjoyed it!

Google 30 Seconds To Mars
7. 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War (12/8/2009)
Not bad. I enjoyed it!


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