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6/14/2018 (Thursday, 03:20 PM, Family):
Had lunch at Feng's sushi near my parents' house. Glad to be back up in MA for a few days!


6/14/2014 (Saturday, 04:28 PM, Sake And Friends):
Sake's helping me edit!


6/14/2011 (Tuesday, 07:38 AM):
A new Bella Morte album is always good!
Top Ten: Before The Flood by Bella Morte


6/14/2010 (Monday, 07:47 PM):
Bought my ticket for the Adirondacks in July last night!

6/14/2006 (Wednesday, 04:36 PM):
I have a doctor's appointment with the chiropractor I met at Fairfax Festival in an hour. I'm anxious.

6/14/2005 (Tuesday, 11:10 PM):
Karate class was really good tonight. We started off with falling techniques and timing steps.

6/14/2004 (Monday, 12:10 AM):
I just finished updated my website, Modernextremity.com. Yay!

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