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6/13/2014 (Friday, 07:19 PM):
Watching Bonnaroo online so I don't have to feel too old!

6/13/2013 (Thursday, 11:07 PM):
The Toasters never disappoint!
Concerts: The Toasters at Iota Club And Cafe


6/13/2012 (Wednesday, 08:27 PM):
Is Virgin Pizza still called that if I go back after the first time?

6/13/2010 (Sunday, 10:34 PM):
Made it to NJ and back accident free!

6/13/2009 (Saturday, 10:51 PM):
Had a great day on the Mall with Judie and Jake!

6/13/2008 (Friday, 09:02 AM):
My ride to work left me behind today! Happy Friday 13th to you too!

6/13/2006 (Tuesday, 07:55 PM):
The presentation went well. It was just me and Al showing the sales guys our Intranet project. Everyone seemed to like it. One of the complaints was that there was too much information. More work for us!

6/13/2005 (Monday, 09:06 AM):
I went to Borders to see if my PSP would work with their wifi, which it doesn't. So I'm wondering if I can get on via Panera Bread, since they've got free wifi there
Top Ten: Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy


6/13/2004 (Sunday, 04:45 PM):
If anyone's interested in checking out my new, most recent favorite band, they're called The Music!
Poetry: Eye Behold

6/13/1998 (Saturday, 09:37 PM):
Fire Of Destruction! A new poem!
Poetry: Fire Of Destruction

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