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Columbia Pike Bluesfest
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6/15/2019 (Saturday, 07:25 PM):
I'm not sure if Kovi's gotten worse or they just taste bad now that Chop Shop Taco is in town... but I am liking Chop Shop Taco better which is a good thing!

6/15/2018 (Friday, 06:38 PM):
Went strawberry picking at 5J's today near Amherst MA and then off to my brother's place for a little rest and relaxation with the family. Had dinner at a place called Crazy Noodles. Such a fun day!!
Top Ten: Head Over Heels by Chromeo
Top Ten: Post Traumatic by Mike Shinoda


6/15/2017 (Thursday, 10:16 AM):
Totally clueless Sake!


6/15/2014 (Sunday, 05:22 PM):
RIP Casey Kasem!

6/15/2013 (Saturday, 08:49 PM):
Reddit BBQ, Columbia Pike Bluesfest, O'Sullivans, and a movie (Superman Man Of Steel with Joey and Kayla in Fairfax!). Fun day indeed!

6/15/2011 (Wednesday, 06:33 PM):
Architecture In Helsinki at the Black Cat on Friday, I think it hasn't sold out yet!

6/15/2010 (Tuesday, 08:10 PM):
Had a sub in gym who turned it into a hi-lo class. It was awesome!
Top Ten: O Dark Thirty by Holly Brook


6/15/2009 (Monday, 11:15 PM):
Weeds just isn't the same anymore!

6/15/2008 (Sunday, 09:15 AM):
Noah never received the Outlandish tickets so I dunno what the deal is with that. We bought them May 29th so you'd think we'd get them by now! Hope it all goes well later!
Concerts: Outlandish at New Balance Center


6/15/2007 (Friday, 05:48 PM):
It's been a busy week. I'm glad I have reports and work to do again. I still think there are better places to work at where they aren't running around screaming about timekeeping, but it will challenge me at the level I want my career at.
Top Ten: Icky Thump by The White Stripes


6/15/2006 (Thursday, 04:25 PM):
The doctor visit went okay. I was able to find it but I did have to wait some once I got there. At least there was only one form. He probed around my leg once he finally did see me, then took a few x-rays.

6/15/2005 (Wednesday, 03:34 PM):
Subbing for Joss Stone at Wolf Trap tonight! I'll be in the rear orchestra, cool! Too bad it's wicked hot out. And I won't even have time to swim beforehand.

6/15/2004 (Tuesday, 11:10 PM):
I'm sore. Time for bed soon. Yay for The Streets!! Yay for karate!! Boo for work!! But yay for money!
Top Ten: Joyful Rebellion by K-OS


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