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2005. Bjork's Drawing Restraint 9 was weird. Green Day's When September Ends was played everywhere. So was Madonna's Hung Up song, which featured a total rip from an ABBA song. However, concert highlights for me this year included Alice Cooper (awesome), Moby (again), and Breaking Benjamin! Not bad at all.
2005 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Fort Minor
1. Fort Minor - The Rising Tied (11/22/2005)
Remember The Name, Right Now, and Kenji are my favorites. A great album to blast when I'm out driving in my car!

Google Boy Hits Car
2. Boy Hits Car - The Passage (3/28/2005)
What an amazing album! It's hard to pick a favorite because every song is amazing. I particularly like the last song called The Passage. Boy Hits Car at their finest. Their first two albums were so good.

Google Moby
3. Moby - Hotel (3/14/2005)
Classic Moby. Play will always be his best, but his Hotel days are just as good.

Google The National
4. The National - Alligator (4/12/2005)
The National can do no wrong! Hard to pick a favorite - they're all so good.

Google Thousand Foot Krutch
5. Thousand Foot Krutch - The Art Of Breaking (7/19/2005)
Back when their website had ripple animations that were so cool to play with! I loved that design. The Art Of Breaking, Move, Hand Grenade, and Breathe You In are their best on this album.

Google Lisa Shaw
6. Lisa Shaw - Cherry (10/25/2005)
This whole album is really good but my favorite track is When I. It's really mellow and relaxing to listen to.

Google The Magic Numbers
7. The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers (6/8/2005)
A bit folk, but very enjoyable.

Google Remote Viewer
8. Remote Viewer - Let Your Heart Draw A Line (3/7/2005)
I would listen to this album a ton getting out of yoga class, it's that relaxing!

Google Slunt
9. Slunt - Get A Load Of This (3/29/2005)
Loved By You and The Best Thing are great tracks. What a fun, silly band! Reminds me of a female version of the Bloodhound Gang. They've toured with Marilyn Manson, too.

Google Morcheeba
10. Morcheeba - Antidote (5/9/2005)
Wonders Never Cease and Ten Men are great! The rest of the album is pretty good too!

Google Alice Cooper
1. Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds (7/4/2005)
The decline of Alice Cooper, Dirty Diamonds was just okay.

Google The White Stripes
2. The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (6/7/2005)
My Doorbell is a great song!

Google Weezer
3. Weezer - Make Believe (5/10/2005)
Beverly Hills was played a lot on the radio! But this album's just okay. Weezer's earlier albums were way better.

Google Gorillaz
4. Gorillaz - Demon Days (5/11/2005)
The Last Living Souls is a cool track.

Google Theory Of A Deadman
5. Theory Of A Deadman - Gasoline (3/29/2005)
No Surprise, Santa Monica, Quiver, Better Off, and Me And My Girl are my favorite tracks! These guys toured with Breaking Benjamin which was fun to see!

Google Macklemore
6. Macklemore - The Language Of My World (1/1/2005)
My favorite songs include Hold Your Head Up, City Don't Sleep, and of course the Bush Song. A great collection of fun, often humorous hip hop tracks!

Google Roisin Murphy
7. Roisin Murphy - Ruby Blue (6/13/2005)
Roisin Murphy of Moloko fame is amazing, but this album was just eh. Overpowered was way better!

Google Garbage
8. Garbage - Bleed Like Me (4/10/2005)
Why Do You Love Me was played so much this year! Bad Boyfriend was played a lot too. Overall a pretty decent album.

Google Porn Sword Tobacco
9. Porn Sword Tobacco - Explains Freedom (9/26/2005)
Porn Sword Tobacco, a funny name for a DJ, but relaxing stuff to listen to indeed!

Google Beck
10. Beck - Guero (3/16/2005)
Beck's Que Onda Guero is classic Beck. This album was pretty good overall.

Google Nine Inch Nails
11. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth (5/3/2005)
The Hand That Feeds was played a lot on the radio! The rest of the album was meh. Only is a great track, though.

Google Jamiroquai
12. Jamiroquai - Dynamite (9/20/2005)
Jamiroquai's older stuff is the best, but this one was pretty good too!

Google Clawfinger
13. Clawfinger - Hate Yourself With Style (11/18/2005)
Probably my least favorite Clawfinger album, but hey, even the bad Clawfinger albums still kick ass!

Google Maximo Park
14. Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger (5/16/2005)
Maximo Park was so much fun to play on SSX On Tour on my PSP. The album is great too!

Google Chemical Brothers
15. Chemical Brothers - Push The Button (1/24/2005)
Galvanize is an awesome track!

Google Lake Trout
16. Lake Trout - Not Them You (9/13/2005)
A Baltimore-based band, I was happy to have seen them live open for They Might Be Giants. They were better!

Google Ra
17. Ra - Duality (6/21/2005)
Fallen Angels is a great track. Their cover of Every Little Thing was just okay.

Google Imogen Heap
18. Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself (7/18/2005)
Hide and Seek! Enough said…


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