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Livestreams included Korn, Thievery Corporation, Chromeo, The Hives, Blue October, Caroline's Spine, and Zaz. Finally got to see a few live shows like I Am Kawehi at Jammin Java in person which was awesome and Get The Led Out at the Hamilton in DC which was intense!!
2021 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google Walk The Moon
1. Walk The Moon - Heights (11/12/2021)
Every song on this album is amazing to me. A masterpiece. That 80s vibe but released today. Love it!!

Google Rise Against
2. Rise Against - Nowhere Generation (6/4/2021)
Forfeit, Talking To Ourselves, Nowhere Generation. This album has it all! My favorite Rise Against album. I love the theme and the music!

Google Zaz
3. Zaz - Isa (10/22/2021)
Great album and classic Zaz!!

Google Biffy Clyro
4. Biffy Clyro - The Myth Of The Happily Ever After (10/22/2021)
Haru Urara is amazing. Biffy Clyro can do no wrong.

Google Royal Blood
5. Royal Blood - Typhoons (4/30/2021)
Trouble's Coming! Such an amazing album! They keep getting better with each album and this one rules!!

Google London Grammar
6. London Grammar - Californian Soil (4/16/2021)
How Does It Feel was great and I like a lot of songs on this album, but compared to their previous releases it wasn't that great. Still better than a lot of other music out there!

Google Halsey
7. Halsey - If I Cant Have Love I Want Power (8/27/2021)
Everything about this album is amazing. From the opening song The Tradition (produced with Trent Reznor) to the closing track The Lighthouse, I love each song on this album! And the transitions too. From pop to punk and seemingly everything in between I am now a Halsey fan!!

Google Dead Sara
8. Dead Sara - Aint It Tragic (9/17/2021)
It starts off good but then kind of falls flat. I like their previous release better. The song Heroes is pretty good, though!

Google Candlebox
9. Candlebox - Wolves (9/17/2021)
Riptide was their best song on here. The rest of the album just wasn't as good as their previous ones. But Riptide, wow, what a song!

Google Lung
10. Lung - Come Clean Right Now (8/20/2021)
Lung can seriously do no wrong. I love this band! Just wish their albums were longer.

Google AFI
1. AFI - Bodies (6/11/2021)
So disappointing I don't even know where to begin!!

Google Elbow
2. Elbow - Flying Dream 1 (11/19/2021)
Just okay. There are way better Elbow albums out there.

Google Mighty Mighty Bosstones
3. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - When God Was Great (5/7/2021)
Sadly the last Mighty Mighty Bosstones album did not go out with a bang. Meh!

Google The Offspring
4. The Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll (4/16/2021)
A few good songs but this was more like an EP than an actual album! Too short!

Google Counting Crows
5. Counting Crows - Butter Miracle Suite One (5/21/2021)
I liked it but it was short and rather forgettable. Nothing beats August and Everything After!

Google Moby
6. Moby - Reprise (5/28/2021)
I mean it's good but it's just enhanced old classics so what's really new here?

Google Garbage
7. Garbage - No Gods No Monsters (6/11/2021)

Google The Streets
8. The Streets - The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light (6/25/2021)
Mike Skinner's new stuff lately just doesn't compare at all with the old.


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