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9/30/2022 (Friday, 11:22 PM):
What a day for a new Lung album! Yay!!
Top Ten: Fossora by Bjork
Top Ten: Let It Be Gone by Lung


9/30/2018 (Sunday, 08:30 PM, Food):
What a fun date at a new Mexican/Asian fusion restaurant in Clarendon. Their calamari was the best I've had in DC! Can't wait to go back to Le Kon already!!


9/30/2016 (Friday, 07:10 AM):
Don't make me go out in that rain!


9/30/2014 (Tuesday, 11:47 PM, Sake And Friends):
Grooming Day. I should have gone too.


9/30/2011 (Friday, 11:10 PM, Concerts):
Milow played a song for me!
Concerts: Milow at Maxwells


9/30/2010 (Thursday, 10:51 PM):
RSVP to my house party if you can make it: OCTOBER 23, 2010!! DJs, Kegs, and other fun Fall stuff!

9/30/2008 (Tuesday, 01:57 PM):
Getting psyched for my vacation from October 11-18 in Los Angeles!

9/30/2004 (Thursday, 10:09 PM):
Karate class was so much fun. We started off doing kata right after the stretching so it felt weird not doing the punching or kicking exercises. But I got to learn my next form!

9/30/2003 (Tuesday, 10:45 PM):
TFK! Phenomenon!!
Top Ten: Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch


9/30/2002 (Monday, 10:20 AM):
I got my new cell phone! I got on the Verizon service with a Kyocera phone. It's pretty cool. I have web browser utilities on it which I doubt I'll use. But, it seems to get more service than Voicestream.
Top Ten: The Outer Marker by Just Jack


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