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3/29/2019 (Friday, 08:48 PM):
Best Buy didn't have Yoshi's Crafted World so I went to Target and snagged the last copy! Glad I was able to use the $60 from random lottery tickets to buy it with! Got some Cava on the way back, hooray! OMG those dumplings from lunch were awesome too!!
Top Ten: Into The Black by Aesthetic Perfection


3/29/2018 (Thursday, 09:25 PM):
Wohoo! A new Mike Shinoda album announced!

3/29/2016 (Tuesday, 07:12 PM, Food):
That moment you begin eating and the Celebration song comes on!


3/29/2014 (Saturday, 11:37 PM):
What a fun night bowling with Ben and Kelly!

3/29/2013 (Friday, 06:25 PM):
Can't wait to see Corner Store Heroes tonight in Silver Spring!
Concerts: Corner Store Heroes at Garage Mahal


3/29/2012 (Thursday, 09:18 PM):
So who's doing what for Passover next weekend in DC?

3/29/2011 (Tuesday, 08:26 PM):
Anyone want to come with me to see Lia Ices at the Red Palace tomorrow? Show starts at 8:30.

3/29/2010 (Monday, 01:34 PM):
Minesweeper stats: Beginner: 9 seconds, Intermediate: 54 seconds, Expert: 201 seconds.

3/29/2009 (Sunday, 07:28 PM):
Had a nice walk to Tequila Grande, a nice strawberry margarita, and saw a great rainbow on my way back!

3/29/2008 (Saturday, 04:21 PM):
Yesterday I got Guitar Hero III. I'm starting to get addicted.

3/29/2007 (Thursday, 12:46 PM):
En route from Niagara Falls to Niagara On The Lake.

3/29/2006 (Wednesday, 11:25 AM):
I bought the new Kemopetrol album Teleport. I can't wait until it arrives!
Top Ten: Teleport by Kemopetrol


3/29/2005 (Tuesday, 11:19 AM):
Looking forward to the new Theory of a Deadman album and a new Slunt as well!
Top Ten: Get A Load Of This by Slunt
Top Ten: Gasoline by Theory Of A Deadman


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