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4/2/2021 (Friday, 06:46 PM):
Yay for The Rub! Fried chicken and waffles, yum!


4/2/2020 (Thursday, 07:21 PM, Covid Livestreams):
Enjoyed the Rachel Sermanni livestream on Jenn Grant's page tonight a lot! Thanks!!
Poetry: Those One Last Breaths


4/2/2017 (Sunday, 01:40 PM, Food):
Hurray for new local restaurants!


4/2/2016 (Saturday, 08:57 AM):
Moving Day!


4/2/2015 (Thursday, 06:31 PM):
Lost Lander at DC9 May 12! Can't wait!!


4/2/2007 (Monday, 04:25 PM):
Did I mention I got an LG Chocolate phone yesterday? Too bad blue isn't out yet. I really want a blue one. But I'll be okay with red. At least red has a rock n roll theme!
Top Ten: Our Earthly Pleasures by Maximo Park


4/2/2002 (Tuesday, 08:51 AM):
My life spits out like a pez dispenser one candy at a time.
Poetry: Pez

4/2/2001 (Monday, 11:14 PM):
My folks and I went by school to meet everyone. After, we went to Sol where Dad bought a cape for Mom. I met up with Daryl and Mario at the Internet cafe and then off to a restaurant later with them where I had some merluza and soup that was good.
Diaries: Day 84

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