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4/3/2022 (Sunday, 11:44 AM):
Went to the movies, walked around Mosaic District, and had fun checking out the farmer's market!


4/3/2021 (Saturday, 05:38 PM, Even More Food):
Rus Uz for dinner! Found a pretty good discount through the Caviar app so why not!!


4/3/2017 (Monday, 09:12 PM, Food):
Not too bad for dinner tonight!!


4/3/2015 (Friday, 11:24 PM):
Had an amazing Passover sedar tonight at Dave and Michelle's!

4/3/2010 (Saturday, 07:39 PM):
Had a fun day with Jesse and Katina at the Air and Space Museum, complete with dinner at Cafe Asia!!

4/3/2004 (Saturday, 11:24 AM):
Boston Aquarium. IMAX Ghosts of the Abyss. Sea lion presentation. Purple Shamrock for late lunch near Fanhueil Hall. Newbury Comics.

4/3/2001 (Tuesday, 09:17 PM):
Mom and Dad went to Avilla and I went to class. In Spanish Cultural Studies, we talked a bit about Semana Santa. Sociology was boring as usual but I got some Prague pictures back. I managed to finish my movie paper due Thursday.
Diaries: Day 85
Top Ten: I Dont Care That You Dont Mind by Crash Test Dummies


4/3/2000 (Monday, 08:59 AM):
The old man's foot slowly curves inward to sleep for all eternity.
Poetry: Beat

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