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We lost Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington this year. However, I did get to meet Rachel Sermanni which was awesome! I got to see Stabbing Westward live again at Baltimore Soundstage and Squirrel Nut Zippers was a crazy fun show. Ben Folds and Regina Spektor was my Wolf Trap gig this year and that was so fun too! The Anthem opened up this year and I got to see LCD Soundsystem and The National there so far. I love that it's so close to my apartment. All in all, not a bad year for music! LCD Soundsystem and The National and Brand New released new albums all around the same time. Plus I got to see Bella Morte again at Spellbound. So yeah, 2017 wasn't totally bad I suppose! Now when can we get that new 30 Seconds To Mars album?!
2017 TOP 10 ALBUMS
Google The National
1. The National - Sleep Well Beast (9/8/2017)
In true The National fashion, another already instant classic. Lucky I got to see them at The Anthem club this year as well. They played a good number of these songs live and they all fit in well with the rest of their songs. So good! I particularly love Day I Die, Born To Beg, The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness, Guilty Party, and Dark Side Of The Gym.

Google LCD Soundsystem
2. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream (9/1/2017)
Hard to believe one can call it quits and never reach #1 in the charts but after 7 years since the last album, James Murphy has done just that. Oh Baby, Change Yr Mind, Tonite, and Emotional Haircut are instant classics. I was a bit disappointed with the live gig I went to, but I think the sound was just off that night. Still though, what an album! What a comeback!

Google London Grammar
3. London Grammar - Truth Is A Beautiful Thing (6/9/2017)
One of these days I will see her live, but at least I got to see the New York performance this year on a live web broadcast! I was blown away when I first heard Rooting For You. So good! Oh Woman Oh Man and Hell To The Liars are also standout tracks. Such a great album for long road trips. Nothing beats it!

Google MSH
4. MSH - Bar Fly (5/23/2017)
I love this album! I describe them to my friends as sounding very much like No Doubt. I'm Taking You All is an instant classic. Hate Away, All My Friends Are Criminals, Short Circuiting, Going Out Grinning are all so much fun! It's funny to listen to The Evokatones now because I love MSH so much more it's hard to go back. Can't wait to see what's next for these guys! I guess we may never know what MSH actually means though!

Google Brand New
5. Brand New - Science Fiction (8/17/2017)
Jesse Lacey sounds like a complete douchebag these days with the scandals going on but the new album was pretty decent! I wish they went more in the direction of the song Desert as that one is their best on the album. Lit Me Up is good but I think it should be Light Me Up, the wording sounds weird to me. Teeth is probably my favorite track. Sounds like they are on the verge of breaking up after this album though, which would really suck. I still have not managed to see them live yet. Maybe someday!

Google Dreamcar
6. Dreamcar - Dreamcar (5/12/2017)
I probably should have gone to see Dreamcar when they came to the 9:30 Club this year but it was a weekday show so I missed it. Dreamcar is a supergroup made up of guys from No Doubt and AFI. I was pretty wowed when I heard the first single but then the whole album is just so great! After I Confessed has that English Beat 80s vibe to it, All Of The Dead Girls is such a great song too. Such a great album!

Google AFI
7. AFI - The Blood Album (1/20/2017)
I wasn't too crazy about the song White Offerings when it was released but I was intrigued by the new album since they were due for a good one. I love the song So Beneath You. Snow Cats, Dumb Kids, Above The Bridge, and Aurelia are classic AFI tunes. So glad they are back!

Google Goldfrapp
8. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye (3/31/2017)
Every time I hear Become The One I think of Nine Inch Nails. The rest of the album is pretty good too! Systemagic and Anymore are great too!

Google Royal Blood
9. Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark (6/16/2017)
The first half of How Did We Get So Dark is brilliant but it gets old for me too quick by the second half, I still prefer the first album. Lights Out and She's Creeping are pretty great songs though. Their music videos are pretty cool too!

Google Theory Of A Deadman
10. Theory Of A Deadman - Wake Up Call (10/27/2017)
Medicate is a really good song. I like GOAT too. But the rest of the album sucks! I miss the old Theory of a Deadman. Still good enough to make it to my Top Ten this year though, I guess!

Google Jamiroquai
1. Jamiroquai - Automation (3/31/2017)
So disappointed with the new Jamiroquai. Cloud 9 is a classic though. The rest is crap.

Google Incubus
2. Incubus - 8 (4/21/2017)
Nimble Bastard is such a classic Incubus song! The rest is pretty forgettable though. Maybe that's because I've been listening to my Incubus best of mix too much though!

Google At The Drive In
3. At The Drive In - Interalia (5/5/2017)
What the hell is this crap?!

Google Just Jack
4. Just Jack - What We Did Today (10/27/2017)
As much as I really wanted to like this new Just Jack album, I really really didn't. Not compared to his older albums, that's for sure!

Google Fever Ray
5. Fever Ray - Plunge (10/27/2017)
Fever Ray's debut was amazing. This just can't compare in the slightest! I'd still like to see her live one day, though. Someday!

Google Bella Morte
6. Bella Morte - Year Of The Ghost (8/14/2017)
Eh! At least it prompted me putting together a best of mix of all the great Bella Morte tracks from over the years. Prayers For The Damned is such a great song though!

Google Linkin Park
7. Linkin Park - One More Light (5/19/2017)
RIP Chester Bennington! But this album isn't even Linkin Park at all. Again, what is this crap?!


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