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9/12/2019 (Thursday, 07:08 PM):
What a pretty sunset!


9/12/2018 (Wednesday, 06:49 PM, Sake And Friends):
Taking Sake to the vet for her allergy scratching, poor girl!


9/12/2015 (Saturday, 10:35 PM):
Not too bad of a dinner for sure!


9/12/2011 (Monday, 02:07 PM):
Which leftover do I eat first? Leftover Champps chicken pasta, Ethiopian beef tibs from Abay Market, or chicken pecan salad from El Silverado?

9/12/2010 (Sunday, 09:02 PM):
Wishing there was a way to filter out all these football posts!

9/12/2009 (Saturday, 05:22 PM):
I tried my first resist-a-ball class at the gym this week. I was talking about it after boxing because I was missing three workouts in a week that I had when there were two bosu classes. I finally managed to ditch work a little early and go!

9/12/2007 (Wednesday, 11:02 AM):
Today I found out Blind Melon are back. How? New singer, obviously.

9/12/2006 (Tuesday, 09:27 AM):
Ima Robot!!
Top Ten: Monument To The Masses by Ima Robot


9/12/2005 (Monday, 01:30 PM):
I figured out how to automate my code today to work for a lookup within our database. I'm so relieved now! I don't have to do my monthly report anymore hardly!

9/12/2004 (Sunday, 09:46 AM):
Bennigans was okay. We had a weird oreo shake that wasn't very good and my fish and chips were kinda blah. But we went back home and played some more xbox.

9/12/2003 (Friday, 09:52 PM):
We got on the Metro and got there just in time for 6:45 to meet Michael and Elyse. We ended up at Johnny Rockets, which was cool. We all had shakes and the meal was rather good.

9/12/2002 (Thursday, 09:35 AM):
Fear in the full, life is regret.
Poetry: And Thats All Im Gonna Say

9/12/2000 (Tuesday, 02:35 PM):
A mirror glass ball crystallized into another dimension.
Poetry: Mirror Glass Ball
Top Ten: Relationship Of Command by At The Drive In
Top Ten: Music For People by Vast


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