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3/14/2016 (Monday, 08:39 PM):


3/14/2014 (Friday, 12:45 PM):
The annual rate of Amazon Prime will be $99 when your membership renews on December 8, 2014. Boo!

3/14/2014 (Friday, 06:59 PM):
Taking Sake out to the park and listening to the latest Elbow album on my headphones. Awesome.

3/14/2013 (Thursday, 06:30 PM):
Boy Hits Car and Taproot coming to NC, too bad it's a 6 hour drive, tempting though!

3/14/2010 (Sunday, 11:41 AM):
Not a fan of cars at the moment, especially ones that get into accidents. I'm ok and it wasn't my car, but that was so not the night we had planned out for Sam's birthday.

3/14/2008 (Friday, 03:44 PM):
Hoping to catch Trees On Fire at Jammin Java tonight. Should be a good show, check them out on CD Baby definitely!
Concerts: Trees On Fire at Jammin Java

3/14/2007 (Wednesday, 06:27 AM):
While searching for LSL (Linden Scripting Language for Second Life), I often get a lot of results back for another LSL- Leisure Suit Larry. Ha!

3/14/2006 (Tuesday, 10:58 AM):
My knee got all sorts of busted up last night, I didn't even go to karate class!

3/14/2006 (Tuesday, 04:18 AM):
Worms for the PSP comes out today!!

3/14/2005 (Monday):
Poetry: You Just Cant Stop
Top Ten: Hotel by Moby


3/14/2004 (Sunday, 12:25 PM):
Great Big Sea is now Sold Out at 9:30 Club this Wednesday for Saint Patrick's Day! So is Sugar Ray on April 17th at 9:30 as well.

3/14/2001 (Wednesday, 11:46 PM):
On the way home after class, I rollerbladed again from school to Cuatro Caminos, about halfway. It was gorgeous out! I relaxed a bit at home before heading out later that night. Daryl and I met up at Sol and just ended up drinking in a nearby park. Fun!

3/14/1994 (Monday):
Poetry: Silky Mist

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