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3/15/2019 (Friday, 07:20 PM, Skys The Limit):
What a pretty sunset!
Top Ten: Only Things We Love by Blaqk Audio


3/15/2016 (Tuesday, 08:09 PM):
Can someone recommend good mover for Northern Virginia? Thanks!


3/15/2014 (Saturday, 01:56 AM):
Stabbing Westward's Sleep is so powerful yet so sad too.

3/15/2012 (Thursday, 11:11 AM):
Excited to have a pair of tickets to the sold out Garbage show on 5/23!! Who's coming with me?

3/15/2011 (Tuesday, 06:54 AM):
Still obsessed with Early Melodic Animals, woohoo!

3/15/2010 (Monday, 10:20 PM):
Listening to Kemopetrol all day today! And, yay for Nintendo games on my PSP again!

3/15/2009 (Sunday, 03:09 PM):
Ended up not seeing The Wrestler today after all, but brunch was good.

3/15/2008 (Saturday, 09:51 AM):
Really liked the Trees On Fire show even though they didn't play my favorite song of theirs!

3/15/2006 (Wednesday, 03:06 PM):
I took a two hour break after my knee appointment which meant I could get off work at 6 and get to Larry the Cable Guy by 7:30. Phew!
Concerts: Larry The Cable Guy at GMU Patriot Center

3/15/2005 (Tuesday, 10:16 AM):
Heater's broken again. This time at 73 degrees. Don't know when they can come fix it, or how much it will be this time.

3/15/2004 (Monday, 06:03 PM):
Yall repo'd my car last night and I need to know where it is because my son's bicycle is in the back!

3/15/2001 (Thursday, 08:51 PM):
I walked around Bilbao and told my folks about the money situation. I had ice cream since the weather was so good! In Sociology we watched a movie about cattle, which featured my teacher. The school lent me some money. Phew! I'm so ready for Valencia!
Diaries: Day 66

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