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Inside Out
1.Sarah McLachlan-Silence
2.Natalie Imbruglia-Troubled By The Way We Came Together
3.Counting Crows-Ghost Train
4.Faithless-Hem Of His Garment
5.Cowboy Junkies-A Common Disaster
7.Pearl Jam-Wishlist
8.Candlebox-He Calls Home
9.Sarah Brightman-Deliver Me
10.Soundgarden-Like Suicide (Acoustic)
11.Massive Attack-Protection
12.Bush-In A Lonely Place
15.Alice In Chains-Dont Follow
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Mad Sex
1.Local H-As Good As Dead
2.Alice In Chains-Got Me Wrong
4.Silverchair-Anas Song (Open Fire)
5.Tonic-If You Could Only See
6.Days Of The New-The Down Town
7.Nirvana-Make You Happy
8.Spacehog-In The Meantime
9.Reacharound-Big Chair
10.Meat Puppets-Backwater
12.The Foo Fighters-Monkey Wrench
13.Flaming Lips-Vaseline
14.Showoff-Falling Star
15.Dishwalla-Counting Blue Cars
17.Space-Female Of The Species
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Mournful Swirl
1.Dynamite Hack-Boys In The Hood
4.Vertical Horizon-Everything You Want
5.Dial 7-Pirates Fate
6.The Eels-Novacaine For The Soul
7.Dishwalla-Counting Blue Cars
8.Smashing Pumpkins-We Only Come Out At Night
9.Better Than Ezra-Desperately Wanting
10.Orbital-Funny Break (One Is Enough)
11.Violent Femmes-Color Me Once
12.Everlast-What Its Like
13.Moby-Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
14.Wiseguys-We Be The Crew
15.Marcy Playground-Sex And Candy
16.Bush-Letting The Cables Sleep
17.Nine Inch Nails-Something I Can Never Have
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Nothing At All
1.U2-Where The Streets Have No Name
3.Smashing Pumpkins-Ava Adore
4.Everclear-I Will Buy You A New Life
5.Placebo-You Dont Care About Us
6.Radiohead-Paranoid Android
7.KMFDM-Juke Joint Jezebel
8.The Flys-Got You Where I Want You
9.Cowboy Mouth-Jenny Says
11.Sponge-Wax Estatic
13.Social Distortion-I Was Wrong
14.Tori Amos-Silent All These Years
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Take A Step Back
1.Jamiroquai-Virtual Insanity
2.U2-Walk To The Water
3.Rush-Test For Echo
4.Verve-Bittersweet Symphony
5.Republica-Ready To Go
6.Reel Big Fish-Song #3
8.Angelfish-King Of The World
9.Third Eye Blind-Graduate
10.Blind Melon-No Rain
11.Bloodhound Gang-Whys Everybody Always Pickin On Me
12.Everclear-One Hit Wonder
13.Smashing Pumpkins-Destination Unknown
14.Nine Inch Nails-Kinda I Want To
15.Primitive Radio Gods-Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
16.REM-Losing My Religion
17.Soundgarden-Burden In My Hand
18.Cowboy Junkies-Sweet Jane

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