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Alicia In Wonderland
1.Tired Pony-Northwestern Skies
2.The Head And The Heart-Rivers And Roads
3.Of Monsters And Men-Little Talks
4.EMA-The Grey Ship
6.The Naked And Famous-No Way
7.Architecture In Helsinki-Debbie
8.These New Puritans-Drum Courts
9.The Foals-Miami
11.She Wants Revenge-Must Be The One
12.The Music-The Rain
13.The National-Runaway
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Dead Inside
1.Lauri Ylonen-Disconnect
2.Blaqk Audio-Faith Healer
3.My Black Light-Noise For Sale
4.Bad Veins-Dancing On TV
5.Sonata Arctica-I Have A Right
6.Bella Morte-Lights In The Sky
7.William Control-Come Dance With Me
8.Opposed 1-Television Tunnelvision
9.Kemopetrol-Pretty Face
10.Just Jack-Indian
11.Boy Hits Car-Dreams
12.She Wants Revenge-Holiday Song
13.Jack White-Love Interruption
14.Garbage-Bright Tonight
15.Brand New-The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
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Headfuck Thing
1.Sara Sayed-The Earth Got Round
2.Wild Beasts-Hooting And Howling
3.Villa Nah-Emerald Hills
4.Metronomy-The Look
5.Lucy Rose-Dont You Worry
7.Virtual Boy-Thrust
8.Jamie Woon-Shoulda
9.Broadcast-You And Me In Time
10.Calvin Harris-Im Not Alone
11.Bat For Lashes-Moon And Moon
12.Gem Club-Breakers
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1.Kings X-Dream In My Life
2.Incubus-Tomorrows Food
3.The Dears-No Cities Left
4.The Magic Numbers-Hymn For Her
5.The Accidental-Illuminated Red
6.Thousand Foot Krutch-Breathe You In
7.Her Space Holiday-My Crooked Crown
8.Relient K-Up And Up
9.VAST-Straight Into The End
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This Ones A Go
1.Ladytron-White Elephant
2.Moby-The Day
3.Brand New-Soco Amaretto Lime
4.Relient K-Faking My Own Suicide
5.The Republic Tigers-Cast On Cast Off
7.Faithless-Hour Of Need
8.Lisa Shaw-Like I Want To
9.The Music-Idle
10.The Naked And Famous-The Sun
11.Roisin Murphy-Tell Everybody
12.Motorcycle-As The Rush Comes

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