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For My Friends
1.Morphine-You Look Like Rain
2.MC 900 Ft Jesus-But If You Go
3.Milow-Never Gonna Stop
4.Lia Ices-You Will
5.Her Space Holiday-Anything For Progress
7.The National-Afraid Of Everyone
8.Lisa Shaw-When I
9.The Republic Tigers-Cast On Cast Off
10.She Wants Revenge-Reasons
11.The Accidental-Wolves
12.Architecture In Helsinki-B4 3D
13.Moby-The Day
14.Candlebox-Consider Us
15.Little Boots-Hands
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Its Kinda Like That
2.Imogen Heap-Canvas
3.Bat For Lashes-Prescilla
4.Kosheen-Not Enough Love
6.Fever Ray-Im Not Done
7.Little Boots-Click
8.Holly Brook-Haunted
9.Porn Sword Tobacco-Casual Claude
10.Her Space Holiday-Sleepy California
11.Opposed 1-My Head
12.Just Jack-Snowflakes
13.These New Puritans-5
14.Faithless-Sun To Me
15.The National-Apartment Story
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Little L
1.Moby-Shot In The Back Of The Head
2.Madonna-I Want You
4.Roisin Murphy-Footprints
5.Lisa Shaw-When I
6.Faithless-Why Go
7.Kemopetrol-Without Listening
8.Stabbing Westward-Why
9.Shiny Toy Guns-Shaken
10.The National-Wasp Nest
11.Glasvegas-Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
12.Porn Sword Tobacco-From Plural To Singular
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1.The Suzan-Into The Light
2.Lia Ices-Love Is Won
3.The Accidental-Wolves
4.VAST-You Destroy Me
5.Holly Brook-Cellar Door
6.Melissa Auf Der Mar-Overpower Thee
7.Architecture In Helsinki-Imaginary Ordinary
8.Her Space Holiday-My Crooked Crown
9.The National-Green Gloves
10.The Crash Test Dummies-The Cold Is Here
11.Morphine-The Night
12.Regina Spektor-Genius Next Door
13.The Rasmus-Live Forever
14.Roisin Murphy-Scarlet Ribbons
15.Elbow-Switching Off

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