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Barely Any Words
1.Bella Morte-Nine Hours
2.Faithless-The Garden
3.The Dissociatives-Lifting The Veil From The Braille
4.Lake Trout-Not Them You
5.Ultra Dolphins-Winged Babblar
6.Mad Season-November Hotel
8.Her Space Holiday-The Young Machines
9.Primus-Sathington Waltz
10.Moby-My Weakness
11.Bella Morte-A Time Before
12.New Order-Avalanche
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Even Weirder
1.Vampire Weekend-Oxford Comma
2.Architecture In Helsinki-Heart It Races
3.Elbow-Bitten By The Tailfly
4.The National-Start A War
5.Yeasayer-Waiting For The Summer
6.The Dears-Never Destroy Us
7.Death Cab For Cutie-Bixby Canyon Bridge
8.Kaiser Chiefs-Oh My God
9.Chk Chk Chk-Must Be The Moon
10.Strata-Poughkeepsie NY
11.Ima Robot-Lovers In Captivity
12.Her Space Holiday-Two Tin Cans And A Length Of String
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Weirdness Abounds
1.The Unicorns-Ghost Mountain
2.The Eels-Beginners Luck
3.Vampire Weekend-Campus
4.The Magic Numbers-Forever Lost
6.The Dears-Lost In The Plot
8.Lake Trout-Holding
9.Regina Spektor-Genius Next Door
10.Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks
11.The National-Green Gloves
12.Architecture In Helsinki-Like It Ar Not
13.Her Space Holiday-The World Will Deem Us Dangerous
14.Lisa Shaw-Stylin
15.Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars
16.Psapp-The Counter

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