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Funny Break
1.The Music-Fight The Feeling
2.Orbital-Funny Break (One Is Enough)
4.Lake Trout-Say Something
5.The Streets-Dry Your Eyes
6.Massive Attack-Teardrop
7.Moby-Where You End
8.The Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Zephyr Song
9.Just Jack-Snowflakes (Cured)
10.Breaking Benjamin-Forget It
11.Theory Of A Deadman-Santa Monica
12.Hot Action Cop-Busted
13.Mosquitos-Love Stew
14.Kings Of Convenience-Id Rather Dance With You
15.Finger Eleven-Thousand Mile Wish
16.Cowboy Mouth-Bad
17.Atmosphere-Always Comin Back Home To You
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Most Valuable Players
1.Piston-Grey Flap
2.Screemin Cheetah Wheelies-Magnolia
3.Korn-No Place To Hide
4.Buck Cherry-Next 2 You
5.Bullet For My Valentine-All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
7.Local H-5th Avenue Crazy
8.Powerman 5000-Tokyo Vigilante #1
9.The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Black Tongue
11.Garbage-Bad Boyfriend
13.Pantera-Cemetary Gates
14.The Goo Goo Dolls-Lazy Eye
15.Nine Inch Nails-The Perfect Drug
17.Faith No More-Last Cup Of Sorrow
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Seriously Punked
1.AFI-Summer Shudder
2.At The Drive In-One Armed Scissor
3.Brand New-The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
4.Taking Back Sunday-A Decade Under The Influence
5.Sugarcult-Shes The Blade
6.Maximo Park-Apply Some Pressure
7.Social Distortion-Reach For The Sky
8.Operation Ivy-Bad Town
9.Relient K-Maintain Consciousness
10.The Urge-Straight To Hell
11.The Offspring-Bad Habit
12.Zebrahead-Falling Apart
13.The Futureheads-Robot
14.Red Hot Chili Peppers-Hump De Bump
15.The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Black Tongue
16.Spoon-The Way We Get By
17.The Pietasters-Time Wont Let Me
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1.Iron And Wine-On Your Wings
2.Kings Of Convenience-Id Rather Dance With You
3.Dogs Die In Hot Cars-Somewhat Off The Way
4.Blue October-Congratulations
5.Hot Action Cop-Busted
6.Alice In Chains-Dont Follow
7.Fountains Of Wayne-Hackensack
8.Finger Eleven-Thousand Mile Wish
9.Breaking Benjamin-Rain
10.Alice Cooper-I Never Cry
11.The Scissor Sisters-Return To Oz
12.The White Stripes-Were Going To Be Friends
13.Relient K-Let It All Out
14.Blind Melon-Change
15.Stabbing Westward-Why
16.Counting Crows-Ghost Train
17.Anyone-Thought I Was
18.The Music-Fight The Feeling
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You Dont Come Back
1.Chemical Brothers-Where Do I Begin
2.Psapp-Leaving In Coffins
3.Her Space Holiday-Forever And A Day
5.Juliet-Would You Mind
6.Faithless-Muhammad Ali
7.Moloko-The Only Ones
8.P-1-One Try
9.Client-Come On
10.Morcheeba-Wonders Never Cease
11.Boogiewall Soundsystem-My Promise
12.Kemopetrol-Am I Going To Heaven
14.Garbage-Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
15.Moby-Where You End

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