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1.Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood
2.Nelly-Ride Wit Me
3.Outkast-Throw Your Hands In The Air
4.Ghetto Boys-Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
5.Mary J Blige-Family Affair
6.D-12-Purple Hills
7.Shaggy-It Wasnt Me
8.Usher-I Need A Girl
9.Will Smith-Nod Ya Head
10.Destinys Child-Survivors
11.Juvenile-Back That Ass Up
12.Jay Z-H To The Izo
13.Crazy Town-Butterfly
14.Eminem-Kill You
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Fishing For Bass
1.Kylie Minogue-Cant Get You Out Of My Head
2.Outkast-The Whole World
3.ATC-All Around The World
4.Mary J Blige-Family Affair
5.Eiffel 65-Im Blue
6.Crazy Town-Butterfly
8.No Doubt-Hella Good
9.Bloodhound Gang-Bad Touch
10.Moloko-Fun For Me
11.Shaggy-It Wasnt Me
12.Angie Martinez-If I Could Go
13.Inner Circle-Sweat
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1.Goldfinger-Waiting In The Dark
2.Toasters-Dont Let The Bastards Grind You Down
3.Less Than Jake-Dopeman
5.The Offspring-What Happened To You
6.Pietasters-Without You
7.Violent Femmes-I Held Her In My Arms
8.Reel Big Fish-Shes Got A Girlfriend Now
9.Buck O Nine-Jennifers Cold
10.Save Ferris-Come On Eileen
11.The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones-Everybody Better
12.Skankin Pickle-Fakin Jamaican
13.Specials-Pressure Drop
14.Urge-Jump Right In
15.Loose Nuts-Wishen
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Speed Demon
1.Sum 41-Fat Lip
2.Hoobastank-Crawling In The Dark
3.At The Drive In-Pattern Against User
4.Ben Folds-Rockin The Suburbs
5.Fenix TX-A Song For Everyone
6.Local H-Fritzs Corner
7.Zebrahead-Get Back
8.Adema-Giving In
9.Stroke 9-Kick Some Ass
10.Boy Hits Car-Im A Cloud
11.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Hell Of A Hat
12.Green Day-Waiting
13.The Toadies-Push The Hand
14.Nickelback-How You Remind Me
15.Rollins Band-Shine

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