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11/19/2015 (Thursday, 11:12 PM, Concerts):
Lemolo was so great tonight and I was back home by 11 even! So wonderful to meet them and everyone in Baltimore was so nice!
Concerts: Lemolo at House Party


11/19/2011 (Saturday, 11:58 PM):
So this bar I'm at for a dubstep and dnb night has a biker bar attached to it and I just danced glow stick style with a biker dude's wife. Awesome moment, haha!!

11/19/2010 (Friday, 01:32 AM):
Gym on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (five classes in all), Lousday on Tuesday, and Transit on Wednesday. Exciting!

11/19/2009 (Thursday, 01:23 PM):
I hope so.
Poetry: Screwed

11/19/2007 (Monday, 09:27 AM):
Last night we watched Planes Trains and Automobiles with John Candy and Steve Martin. There are so many similarities between that movie and Tommy Boy, it's insane.

11/19/2006 (Sunday, 06:31 PM):
Anyone ever listen to Blue October? I freaking love them!!

11/19/2002 (Tuesday, 12:48 PM):
Lately, I've been talking about the band Audioslave. I just picked up the brand-new release. Loving that song I Am The Highway!
Top Ten: Audioslave by Audioslave


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