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1/14/2018Candlebox, Online Webcast, Phoenix AZ
2/9/2018Crystal Method, U St Music Hall, Washington DC
3/30/2018Lucy Rose, Union Stage, Washington DC
4/16/2018Candlebox, Online Webcast, Chicago IL
5/14/2018Fever Ray, 930 Club, Washington DC
5/20/2018Blue October, Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore MD
5/26/2018She Wants Revenge, Rock And Roll Hotel, Washington DC
6/6/2018Lloyd Dobler Effect, The Wharf, Washington DC
6/26/201830 Seconds To Mars, Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow VA
6/30/2018The Scotch Bonnets, Dew Drop Inn, Washington DC
7/28/2018Maybe April, Pearl Street Warehouse, Washington DC
8/25/2018Striking Matches, U St Music Hall, Washington DC
9/8/2018John Kerry, Sixth And I Synagogue, Washington DC
10/6/2018Tom Morello, Miracle Theater, Washington DC
11/7/2018Jason Mewes, DC Improv, Washington DC
11/9/2018Kevin Griffin, DC City Winery, Washington DC
11/30/2018Crash Test Dummies, The Hamilton, Washington DC
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